Kit Tan Juat Lee

Many people who see my paintings describe them as being very 'Chinese' or oriental in style. But they are only half-right in that assessment. I am of Chinese race, am Chinese educated and I am traditional in both my upbringing and lifestyle. But one must not forget the fact that I am above all, Singaporean. Being born and bred in a multi-racial and increasingly westernised country like Singapore will naturally have its influences on my development and style as an artist. Personally, I do not believe it is possible to be completely 'Chinese' in a multi-cultural environment such as Singapore. Thus, I would describe my artistic style as being predominantly 'Chinese Singaporean' with a touch of the current 'East Meets West' ideology.

My paintings are highly personal; they contain and reflect my memories, personal history, intimate thoughts and private emotions. Every deliberate plan, every finely-detailed brushstroke, every stroke of intense colour leads me closer towards the creation of a beautiful and flawless dream.

I am, undoubtedly, a romantic idealist. :)

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